With my ‘Inspiration Installation’ I decided to bring the typewriter to the forefront of my interaction with the viewer.  The question I posed to them was in accordance of the lesson I had learned long ago, that the way to change is not by force but by example. I left a question on the box below and asked them to tell me “How Do You Inspire Others.”  Their answers were exposed to their fellow students as a way of teaching each other. Now those who stopped to read would be included in the process even if they chose not to answer the question.  My expectation was that interaction would be minimal but after four days the notes left behind were not just on the wall but on the ceiling and trickling onto the opposing wall. As I took down the cards and read each one I felt truly inspired by them.  They had taught me, when I was trying to teach them. The lesson had come full circle with vanilla dyed paper and a typewriter.